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  • Pisces Colors Standard Face Rest
    Our Standard Face Rest. Not adustable, only fits New Wave II, and Salon Pacifica Massage tables. Mounting rods are 11 1/2 inchs wide
  • Pisces Colors Side Arm Rest
    Adjustable Velcro straps allow this side arm rest to mount to any portable massage table.
  • salon flat Pacifica Salon
    The lightest full size, combination table available - only 27 lbs.! The Pacifica, Combination table is ideal for the multi talented therapist. You can do massage, facials, waxing, reflexology, pregnancy massage, elder massage etc., all in one table! You'll carry it without effort and prevent straining or injuring yourself in the process. Clients will love the additional comfort from our innovative woven web top. (Face Rest is an accessory item ordered separately.)
  • Beautiful top stitching highlights our rugged Nylon Deluxe Travel Case. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, large pouch for sheets oils and bolster and a comfortable plastic handle that wont squeeze your hand as you lift. (Grey)