Pisces Productions was founded in 1977 by a massage therapist. Through the years Pisces has led the industry in design innovations, from the first side-mounted Adjustable Leg System and the first inflatable face rest cushion to the first fully contained massage chair, the Dolphin I. We now hold a total of six patents on our tables, chair and accessories.

In 1996 Pisces Introduced The Dolphin II Massage Chair™ and it became an instant hit. In a departure from other chair design concepts, the Dolphin II Massage Chair takes on-site massage to a new level: It is the first and only chair to allow you to position your client from a vertical to a full horizontal position – or anywhere in between. Not only does it provide access to the lower back and spine, it also allows you to work with better mechanics and to use your own body weight to do the work. Its beautiful circular lines and unique, telescoping adjustments make it the state of the art professional massage chair.

And now The New Wave II™ Massage Table

In 1999 we took a completely fresh look at massage table design and created The New Wave II™ Massage Table. It offers the security of an industrial strength, tubular frame and welded hinges, the lightness of a woven web-top and the versatility of being able to lay your table flat on the floor without needing to detach cables. Weighing an incredible 20 1/2 lbs. with Ultra Leather, your job of carrying your table just got much easier.

And be sure to check out our latest creation, The Pacifica Salon/Massage™ combination table. It’s ideal for salon or massage work and at 25 lbs, it is the lightest table in its class.

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Nancy Rosenblum