Why buy an American-made massage table or chair? You might ask, why buy an American-made table when you can buy a Chinese or other foreign-made table for less money? By buying an American-made massage table or chair, you are supporting American companies and their employees. Many jobs are being lost to cheap labor in other countries and many U.S. companies find it impossible to compete with the resulting cheaper products. They are forced to either close down or send their manufacturing jobs overseas.

When you buy an American-made product:

  • You support American employees by keeping jobs in the U.S.
  • You support higher standards of working conditions, since many countries have lower standards than the U.S.
  • You support American businesses, since it is extremely difficult to compete with the dramatically lower wages in other countries.
  • You support the environment, since materials are extracted and processed with lower environmental standards in other countries.
  • You support ethical business — Chinese companies, in particular, are notorious for not honoring patents and copyrights and simply using the designs of others for their profit. American manufacturers such as Pisces Productions designed and developed the current tables and chairs over many years and with much investment of creative and financial energy. Over the years, foreign companies have essentially pirated these designs, in some cases in violation of patents and some cases not, without paying royalties and without acknowledging the inventors and innovators who developed these products. What they are doing in many cases is not illegal, but it is unethical.