Our Organic Arnica Salve is handcrafted in small batches, our USDA Certified Organic Arnica Salve is traditionally used for treating bruises, sprains, inflammation, arthritis and most soft tissue injuries. We cold infuse our organic arnica flowers in organic sunflower oil for several months to draw out the natural healing elements of the arnica. We then combine it with organic comfrey which is rich in allantoin (a natural anti-inflammatory), organic beeswax, organic hemp oil and a custom blend of organic essential oils to create an effective, organic, natural healing salve. Sacred Earth Botanicals’ Organic Arnica Salve is offered in a no mess personal applicator.

SacredEarth Botanicals® Organic Muscle Rub: Our handcrafted USDA Certified Organic Muscle Rub offers relief for aching muscles and joints by using some of nature’s most effective healing aids. We blend organic beeswax, organic hemp seed oil, organic menthol crystals and several organic essential oils to create a very unique and effective organic salve which is excellent for reducing pain and inflammation associated with sore muscles, and sprains, as well as nasal congestion. Sacred Earth Botanicals’ Organic Muscle Rub is offered in a no mess personal applicator.