Pisces Productions Tables, Chairs, & Dolphin Stretches come with a 3 year warranty to the original owner. The original owner is determined by the individual the item was shipped/sold to unless otherwise noted on work order.

Welded Frame: Lifetime

All other parts/labor: 1 year

Pisces Productions manufactured accessories are covered by a 1 year warranty (Accessories are any item manufactured by Pisces Productions not listed in warranty above).

Replacement parts are covered by a 90 day warranty

Items not manufactured by Pisces Productions are excluded from our warranty, but may be covered by the manufacturer.

Warranty Invalidation

Normal wear and tear, and costs associated with maintenance procedures, and damage caused by improper set-up, accident, misuse, improper maintenance, harsh operating environments or neglect (which includes tears in the upholstery and damage caused by harsh chemical-based cleaners) are not covered under this warranty. Any non-factory modifications and unauthorized repairs will also invalidate the warranty and immediately terminate all liability by Pisces Productions for the product or damages caused by its use.

Shipping Policy

All shipments must be inspected within 48 hours after product is received. Failure to do so constitutes conclusive proof the products were received complete and without damage. All packaging material must be saved to ship back in original packaging. After 48 hours the item in question will be treated as a warranty issue only.

Once the product leaves Pisces Productions it becomes property of the buyer.

Orders are produced on a first-in, first-out basis.  If your order is needed by a specific date, please plan accordingly.  When you place an order you will receive an estimated shipping date(2 days west coast – 5 business days east coast shipping travel time). You should also allow for additional time during high order volume periods like holiday seasons.

Return Policy

Product being returned must be in original packaging in new condition with an approved RA # within 14 days of receiving (14 days from Fedex proof of delivery or 21 days after USPS postmark). Contact Pisces Productions at 707 829-1496.

Items may be returned anytime in the first 35 days after proof of delivery, a 20% restocking fee applies after 14 days.

Shipping fees, rush fees and custom option fees will not be reimbursed. All custom options (Custom Color, Width,and other adjustment made to product at your direction) can only be returned with managers approval.

Item must be returned in original Pisces Productions labeled box. Please call to verify you have packaged the item correctly, damage to item on return shipment is buyers responsibility.

All lotions, creams, oils, perfumes, and linens are not returnable.

Order Cancellation Policy

  • The customer may cancel an order within 24 hours from transmittal of the order confirmation without penalty, provided it is not already in production.
  • Once order confirmation approval has been received by Pisces and product is in production or completed, the order/product may not be cancelled with a penalty. The customer will be assessed a 20% of the order/product price.

Credit Card Cancellations

All credit card orders processed and cancelled prior to shipping are subject to fee’s charged by our credit card processing partners. Fees’s range from 1.9% to 5% of total amount charged. Please ask your customer service representative for more information regarding this policy.

Rental Equipment

Tables and chairs that were in our rental inventory are sold “as is”

Exclusive Remedy-Consequential Damage Disclaimer

In no event will Pisces be liable for any specials, direct, indirect, incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages or costs. Delays including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits or income, loss of use, downtime and employee or independent contractor wages, payments and benefits are not covered under the terms of this warranty.

Refurbished Equipment

Products sold as refurbished are sold “as is” and will be classified as such due to manufacturing overruns, prior year model, rental equipment, obsolete colors or minor defects on the order confirmation.

Refurbished items are final sales and are not returnable.