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Grampa’s Garden – Therapeutic Products

About Weighted Products:

  • Minimum Age for use of Weighted Blankets is 2 Years Old
  • Recommended weight for a weighted blanket is 10% of the Body Weight, plus 1 pound
  • Weighted Blankets should never be used to restrain a person, or to restrict their movement
  • Weighted Blankets should never go past the shoulders, and should never cover the head
  • Please check with the child’s therapist or doctor to advise on use and type of weighted product before purchasing


History of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used by mankind for its healing qualities for over 5,000 years. The father of modern aromatherapy, Dr. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse coined the term aromatherapy and wrote his first book in 1937. During WWII essential oils were used to heal and disinfect wounds. Today physicians in France still use essential oils to help heal their patients.

How does Aromatherapy work?

  • Odor stimuli from plant essential oils can facilitate the release of neurotransmitters in the brain to reduce pain and create a feeling of well being. Different scent stimuli can affect different areas of the brain. For example lavender induces calmness, while peppermint increases mental alertness.
  • Grampa’s Garden has selected only the purest medicinal grade essential oils from all over the world to help heal your body and soul. Our aromatherapy pillows contain healing herbs of soothing lavender, or invigorating mint, and come with a .25 oz bottle of essential oil to re-scent them.

Please note:
* Aromatherapy pillows are non-heatable.


Joint/Neck Pack – This innovative, heatable joint/neck pack attaches with Velcro around your neck, elbow, knee, or lower back to provide hot or cold therapy even when you’re on the go. This pack is designed after the cervical neck collar to support your head and neck. Great to use for relief from sports injuries. Includes hand washable cover and Velcro extension for the back. 6.5″ x 17″.

Teddy Pac
– This cuddly, heatable Teddy Pac will soothe your child’s aches and pains while providing comfort and warmth for a peaceful night’s sleep. Simply warm in the microwave to soothe a tummy ache, or keep in the freezer for those unexpected bumps and bruises. With removable, washable cover, and safe embroidered face. 7.5″x8″ (19x21cm).
Inner pac is spot-clean only.

Sleepy Time Pillows
– At the end of a hectic day when your mind is racing and you can’t sleep, breathe in the aroma of our soothing lavender pillow or place over your eyes to release the anxiety of the day. Keep one in your freezer to help you cool off and relax anytime. Includes 1/4 oz. lavender essential oil for re-scenting pillow and enhancing the aromatherapy benefits. Pillow is filled with soothing, natural lavender flowers and flax seeds. 3″ x 8″

Eye ShadesEye Shades
– Grampa’s Garden new and improved Eye Shades help to keep out the light for a more restful sleep and increased relaxation. Great for travel. Made with soft and cozy cottons or satins. Trimmed with piping. 4″ x 8.5″. Hand washable.

Neck PillowAroma Rest Crescent – 
Filled with natural millet and lavender flowers, this light-weight pillow supports your neck while reading, sleeping or traveling. Soft polyester cover is removable and washable. Insert is made of cotton muslin. 13″ by 13″. Non-heatable. Available scented or unscented.

Body Shawl – 
Our best selling hot pack. A few minutes in the microwave and your Grampa’s Garden Body Shawl can be used for therapy on your back, abdomen, across your shoulders, or to wrap an injured arm or leg. Filled with grains and spices for soothing all-over comfort and a pleasing aroma. Makes a great bed warmer, too. To use as a cold pack for relief from inflammation and swelling, place shawl in a plastic bag and into the freezer for an hour or more. 20″ x 28″. Scented or unscented. – Call if you have a color preference.

Breath E-Z PillowBreath E-Z Pillow
– This minty, medicine pillow will open your sinuses and refresh your mind. Simply breathe in the therapeutic peppermint aroma to help reduce fatigue or nausea. Includes 1/4oz. peppermint essential oil for re-scenting and enhancing the natural aromatherapy benefits. Measures 3″ x 5″. Filled with pure peppermint and flax.

Coverlet Body Shawl – 
Fits all of our Body Shawls, 20″x28″.
Can also be used as a pillow sham. Made with cozy, washable fabrics to help keep your Body Shawl clean.

Lumbar Pac
– This all natural pack is designed for use on the upper, mid, or lower back and hips. Three channels conform to the spine and para-spinal muscles for deep relief from aches and pains. Holds the warmth for up to an hour. Comes with a removable, washable cover. 10″ x 13″ Spot clean inner pack.

Eye & Sinus PacEye & Sinus – When warmed in the microwave our popular eye/sinus pack provides soothing relief from sinus congestion, eye strain, or headache pain. The warmth from the grains and spices opens the sinuses and increases blood flow to the area. May be used as a cold pack to reduce swelling around the eyes. Comes with a removable, washable cover. Can be ordered with or without an elastic strap. 9″ x 4″

Supreme Back WrapSupreme Back Wrap – This 4.5 pound upper back and shoulder wrap is densely packed for a heavier, more focused hot or cold therapy. While this product sits nicely upon your upper back and shoulders, it can also be used for a lap warmer.

Low Back Pac –

A great pack for therapy on-the-go.
Adjustable straps ensure a secure fit.

  • Perfect Fit for the Lumbar/Sacral region
  • Hot or Cold Therapy Pac. Microwave or Freeze.
  • One Size Fits All
  • Extension Strap Included
  • Removable Washable Cover

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