How can learning to use your product or service increase a massage therapist’s revenue?

The Dolphin II massage chair is one of our innovative products. it provides access to the lower back, allowing your client to get a full massage on places she needs it most. As the therapist, it allows your body weight to do the work, so you can work longer then most therapists without hurting your back. The lightweight chair will bring new opportunity. Your clients will love it and it will be easier to get more referrals.

It is always important to help your clients with self-care. Our newest product is the Dolphin Stretch. This product helps relieve stress, reduces the trauma of exercise and enhances bodywork treatment. By lying over this arched product on your stomach, back or side, you can teach your clients many things about health, safety and fighting the aging effects of gravity.

When your back is arched, it will further relax the spine while freeing discs and vertebrae from the normal downward pull of gravity; it also reduces stress. Studies show this could reduce stress on the lower back by almost 55 percent. If you have a client about to get a massage, three minutes on the stretch can help facilitate deep-tissue work on the neck back and abdomen. The Dolphin Stretch is a safe and effective method for improving muscular and skeletal well-being. Educating your clients WILL increase your business.


Nancy Rosenblum(Owner)

Pisces Productions