Don’t be fooled by the name!

We have sent out numerous face rests to customers who think they have a Pisces New Wave II massage table; when they in fact have a chinese made knockoff “Wave – New Wave Massage Table”. The logo on this table is very close to our logo used in the mid 1980’s. Pisces Productions New Wave II massage tables use a face cradle with support bars spaced 11 1/2. If your table has anything but 11 1/2 wide holes for mounting the face cradle: ours will not fit.

When you ordered your New Wave 11 you thought it was a Pisces Productions Made in the USA table. We can’t take your table back or even get a face rest that fits but we can give you the best customer service by giving you a discount to get the real deal. We understand your frustration but we can’t help with parts on this table as it is not our table but we will help put you into your dream table as quickly as possible.

Before you purchase a New Wave 11 please ask the question, is this a Pisces Productions table? We can’t help when people copy us but we certainly can try and put fraudulent companies out of business.

Nancy Rosenblum