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Ordering a face rest for your New Wave?

Don't be fooled by the name! We have sent out numerous face rests to customers who think they have a Pisces New Wave II massage table; when they in fact have a chinese made knockoff "Wave - New Wave Massage Table". The logo on this table is very close to our logo used in the [...]

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September 2013 Newsletter

In my 33 years of clinical experience it has been my observation that chronic low back pain and spinal dysfunction are one of the most prevalent contributors to human suffering and reduced quality-of-life. I was truly surprised when my research discovered that 95% of all spinal surgeries occur at L4-5 and L5–S1. So, how might [...]

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March 2013 Newsletter

March 2013   Spring is here and we have so much to be excited about at Pisces Productions!! We are in the middle of designing a new portable massage table and Kaiser hospital has contracted with us to design a new apperatus to help administer epidural's for women in Labor!! Coming this May we will [...]

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February 2013 Newsletter

February 1, 2013 Thank you for clicking on our first "Pisces Pro Newsletter" to read today, we are excited to share what is going on in the Massage Industry, The San Francisco Bay and Pisces Productions. Check back monthly for new products and special deals you will only find in here. What do you know [...]

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Product Update: New Wave II Table in White

Take a peek at our new color combination. White Vinyl w/ Black Legs. For now you can only order this color combination by calling 1-800-822-5333. We would love to hear what you think of this color combo. We are the last 100% Made & Assembled in America massage table company. We make all of our tables [...]

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Pisces Prodctions Rentals Available

We are now renting our New Wave II Massage Tables, Salon Pacifica Tables, Dolphin 2 Massage Chairs and Vitrectomy Chairs. Call Rachael @ 1-800-822-5333 for more information Rental Prices One Day - $35 One Week - $150 Two Weeks - $225 One Month - $285   Thank You, Nancy Rosenblum

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