February has long been a special month of love and hope.  Even as a child, making Valentines Day cards for classmates, as well as a special one for my mom, taught me about the gift of making people smile and how it could even bring tears to her eyes. That feeling is still there, only different.  Now with a husband and son of my own they will always have my heart first, but my other baby is my business- Pisces Pro Massage & Spa products.

A strong work ethic and creative mind allows for zero boundaries when I think of Pisces.  I learned a long time ago that I have nothing in common with lazy people who often blame themselves for not achieving success or reaching goals. Great things can only be achieved through hard work and perseverance. Watching my company grow while keeping it a USA made company brings such joy and satisfaction.

Do What You Love and Do It Well has been a motto of mine along with Wake Up and Chase Your Dreams. Don’t make excuses for wanting to fulfill your goals. Just remember, we all have the exact same number of hours each day as our role models do. The success of our dreams pivots on how we choose to balance those hours.

So, as you think of that perfect Valentine to give to someone you love this month, keep Pisces Productions in mind.  The little girl that loved giving Valentines Day cards now loves to make all of her customers happy.

Nancy Rosenblum