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New Colors & Super Soft Touch Material!

A veritable rainbow of colors, both new and familiar, are now available for Pisces Productions massage chairs, massage tables, portable rolling stools, and more! We also have a new material available: Super Soft Touch! SST (Super Soft Touch) is an upgrade from Soft Touch but nearly as soft as the Ultra Leather Vinyl. This [...]

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Let Spring Scents Guide You. . .

Hop into Spring 2024 with the fresh scents of nature guiding your serene journey to wellness. It has been proven that aromatics heal the mind and alter moods in a positive way, as does nature. Why not apply these wonderful spring scents to your body and your everyday routine for [...]

Pisces New Hours & Updates!

The sun is out and Pisces is gearing up for Spring. You will soon enjoy a new feel to our website with all of our vibrant color choices to choose from, new product additions and monthly blogs and specials. We will also get back to events held at Pisces with an occasional Jazz Guitarist. [...]

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A Letter from The Owner

February has long been a special month of love and hope.  Even as a child, making Valentines Day cards for classmates, as well as a special one for my mom, taught me about the gift of making people smile and how it could even bring tears to her eyes. That feeling is still there, only [...]

We Want To Hear From You!

Welcome to Pisces Productions! We are so thrilled that you have chosen to visit our blog. 2020 has brought fresh inspiration to our mission. We’re building new and innovative ideas for our extensive line of spa and wellness products, and cultivating a drive to connect with our customers- no matter where they are. We want [...]

A Year of Vision and Clarity

It is nearly the end of another year, and Pisces Productions is gearing up to enter into 2020 with bigger and better aspirations than the year before. We are incredibly encouraged and hungry for more, always striving for excellence and looking for new solutions to improve the lives of our customers- especially following this last [...]

Give The Gift Of Healing…

Over the last year, we’ve explored a lot of truly amazing innovations. From spine decompression and nerve health, to sleep aids and therapy tables; luxurious bath and spa products, and even how to pamper dad! Now that we are approaching the end of the year, we believe that the culmination of these wonderful products shines [...]

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