It is nearly the end of another year, and Pisces Productions is gearing up to enter into 2020 with bigger and better aspirations than the year before. We are incredibly encouraged and hungry for more, always striving for excellence and looking for new solutions to improve the lives of our customers- especially following this last year. 2019 was filled with many challenges and hardships. California faced devastating fires in a myriad of locations, flooding of businesses and homes, and PG&E power outages that affected the livelihoods and safety of countless individuals. Through it all, we watched as our communities stepped up to pour out their love and support on all the Californians who were altered by these disasters, especially in Sebastopol and the surrounding areas. Through the unceasing generosity of the community, Pisces and many other businesses have received enough support through donations to have the ability to give back. We are filled with gratitude for your customer loyalty and support during these trials, and for our Pisces family of astounding individuals who show up to work each and every day with a drive for quality, and personal pride for solely 100% USA made products right here at our production center- a female owned business seeking to make positive change in this world as we work to heal it. We would not have made it through 2019 with such vigor and hope if it was not for YOU. Please continue on this journey with us as we celebrate 43 years of success in the spa and wellness industry, and bring the dream of 2020 clarity and growth into fruition.

Happy 2020!