Over the last year, we’ve explored a lot of truly amazing innovations. From spine decompression and nerve health, to sleep aids and therapy tables; luxurious bath and spa products, and even how to pamper dad! Now that we are approaching the end of the year, we believe that the culmination of these wonderful products shines brightest when gathering together a gift for others. Why not give your loved ones the healing experience you know and trust, and come to Pisces for all of your Christmas present needs! If you haven’t experienced any of our USA made, high-quality and all natural goodies, why not buy two and keep one for yourself? We have something for everyone! Beard oil and beer soap for men, sweet-smelling bath soaks and perfumes for women, and even fun-shaped sponges and plush animals for the kids. Mention this blog in the month of December and get 15% off your purchase!  You can also help Pisces give back to the community of Santa Rosa by donating a suggested $10 and picking up a commemorative glass ornament for your tree.

Deck the halls with relaxation and comfort, and please join us this holiday season in the gift of giving. But most important- the gift of healing.