Hop into Spring 2020 with the fresh scents of nature guiding your serene journey to wellness. It has been proven that aromatics heal the mind and alter moods in a positive way, as does nature. Why not apply these wonderful Spring scents to your body and your everyday routine for a smoother work week, and an even better weekend! Pisces Productions offers great lines like Seda France, Tokyo Milk, and Kai, all wrapped in delicious packages of white orchid, orange flower, french tulip, gardenia, and others that bunnies and butterflies are sure to approve. Lather up in a velvety hand creme or float away with one of our bath products, guaranteed to make you feel like a cloud. If you desire ambiance, light a few candles to complete the mood. After a refreshing nights sleep, spray a little perfume from one of our lines on your baby soft skin and take the night before into your day! Whatever you desire for the changing of the seasons, we have it at Pisces. April shower yourself with some May scents, and visit us at our store or online. We can’t wait to celebrate Spring with you!