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Welcome to Pisces Productions! We are so thrilled that you have chosen to visit our blog. 2020 has brought fresh inspiration to our mission. We’re building new and innovative ideas for our extensive line of spa and wellness products, and cultivating a drive to connect with our customers- no matter where they are. We want [...]

October 2013 Newsletter – Hot Stone Massage

We are offering a new special price of $199.99(Regular price $394.85) for our Hot Stone Massage kit through Oct 31st. When placing order please write "Oct 2013 Newsletter" in the comment section and we will adjust your price before your order is processed. Click here to place your order It is that time of year [...]

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August 2013 Newsletter

The August 2013 newsletter was submitted by Patricia Cramer: Founder of the World School Massage and Holistic Healing Arts in San Francisco, Ca. Mention "August 2013 Newsletter" when you place your order during the month of August to recieve free shipping on any order over $99.00. How our Words Manifest Realities! “A Massage Table in [...]

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May 2013 Newsletter by Valerie Bennis

 “Tossing and Turning, Turning and Tossing” (I tossed and I turned all night) Remember that song? It was written in 1965 and here we are in 2013 with sleep difficulties reaching an epidemic proportion. Women, men and even children are affected by this stressful condition. A good night’s rest is the foundation of health and [...]

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April 2013 Newsletter (by educator Karina Braun)

 5 Things Every Massage Therapist Should Do to Prevent RSI As a Massage Therapist, you are an athlete. Just like an athlete, a Massage Therapist has attained a high level of conditioning and skill. A Massage Therapist does not compete but does push his/her own physical limits and likelihood of injury is high. Keep in [...]

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